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Why Sell Paparazzi Accessories

Paparazzi is a great way to start a small business from your own home.  Or even sell out of a current store you already own.  By becoming an independent consultant you can be your own boss, set your own hours, and most important, be excited about your product.  The sky is the limit for those who are prepared and ready to take their business to the next level.  Nothing is more exciting than having dozens of women flock over your items. I promise this is a decision you will not regret.

Do you want to have a rewarding job without the sacrifice of punching a clock? Are you at home with little ones and need to socialize a bit more, but also earn some extra cash?  Paparazzi Accessories has a very rewarding compensation plan. You can earn up to 45% on every item you sell. Also, by creating a down line you will earn commissions up to 10% on your team sales, plus bonuses.  I can hear you saying "WOW," Just wait until you have your first display out!

Where do you Live?

Don't wait another minute to join our Paparazzi team! Paparazzi has been around long enough to be well established, but new enough that not everyone of your neighbors has joined. Are there some places better than others? The whole country is up for grabs. Paparazzi Accessories started in Utah so the majority of consultants are within that area. This creates a HUGE opportunity for those outside of Utah. You very well could be the only one in your City or County. However, Paparazzi Accessories is growing like wild fire, so do not delay! Be the top consultant in your area and have the whole city knocking on YOUR door to Buy, Host, or Join.
Lets get started together...Join our winning team: Heather Morse & Hayley Nigbur

What are Paparazzi Selling Forums?

There are many options in selling Paparazzi Accessories. The most obvious, and a great way, is through home parties. Contact friends, families and neighbors.  When they leave your home they will be happy and you will be happy. No more of these over priced jewelry parties! "I went to one and felt guilty leaving without buying, but I just couldn't afford it," Hayley. Not with Paparazzi Jewelry!  Everything is only 5 dollars.  Work trade shows and events.  Local, County and State Fairs are also a fun way to get out your paparazzi name.  Sell within a Retail Store, Salon, or Boutique.  Find ways that works for you, your time, and your energy.  Whichever direction you take we know will be a success.

Paparzzi Starter Kits

Paparazzi Starter Kit

It only costs $40.00 to join our team.  You can then begin to purchase pieces you like at wholesale. But if you are excited and cannot wait to begin a new adventure of selling, hosting, and buying paparazzi accessories, you can purchase different packages as starter kits.  $40.00 is included in the kit price.

- Small Home Party Kit -Jewelry Only. Priced at $300.00 which includes 100pcs of jewelry (no hair accessories), 50 sales bags, 25 display hooks, 25 party invitations, 25 receipts, 5 new consultant applications, 5 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit.

- Small Home Party Kit.  Priced at $300 which includes 100pcs inventory (70% jewelry, 30% hair accessories), 50 sales bags, 25 display hooks, 25 party invitations, 25 receipts, 5 new consultant applications, 5 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit.

- Large Home Party Kit.  Priced at $700 which includes 250pcs inventory (70% jewelry, 30% hair accessories), 150 sales bags, 75 display hooks, 75 party invitations, 75 receipts, 15 new consultant applications, 15 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit.

- There are 2 other Kits for starting boutiques or events.  Please check cost when joining.

Are you Ready?

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